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Promotions can be a powerful tool for increasing sales

In-app marketing and promotions can be a powerful tool for increasing sales for your restaurant, but managing and tracking these campaigns can be time-consuming and difficult. Souffle is here to help by offering a comprehensive solution for optimizing in-app marketing and promotions for your business.

Did you know that 80% of customers place orders from an online food delivery platform’s homepage? If your restaurant doesn’t rank highly on these homepages, you could be missing out on potential customers. By running promotions, you can increase the likelihood of your restaurant appearing on the homepage of your food delivery partners.

On average, running promotions on delivery platforms can increase sales by 30%, and for every $1 spent, restaurants see an average of $5 in revenue. However, managing and optimizing these promotions can be a challenge for busy restaurant owners. That’s where Souffle comes in.

Think of Souffle as your personal marketing team that runs and optimizes in-app promotions on your behalf. Our data intelligence helps us discover which promotions work best for your store and update your promotional strategy based on performance.

Once you sign up with Souffle, we’ll begin running and optimizing promotions for your restaurant, using our algorithm to identify the best promotions for your local market. We’ll also provide performance reporting at no additional cost, so you can gain insight into what works for your business.

With Souffle, you can expand your reach and increase your delivery sales with customized marketing and promotions. We’ll take the stress out of managing your delivery platform marketing and help you run your business more efficiently. Let Souffle turn your delivery into a cash cow and start seeing results today!

The Souffle Team