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Paradise Poke Case Study

Aloha, Profits! How Paradise Poké increased its online revenue by over 30% using Soufflé

Saachi Cywinski
Saachi Cywinski

Co-founder and CEO

In recent years, the restaurant industry witnessed a profound shift towards digital platforms as a crucial element for success. The days of relying solely on mouth-watering dishes and a convenient location are long gone. Instead, restaurants must now also establish a robust online presence to keep up with the ever-evolving demands of modern consumers.

However, with this change comes a new set of challenges. Restaurants must now navigate a complex data-rich digital landscape, to succeed in a crowded market. This requires a deep understanding of customer and competitor data, and a willingness to embrace new technologies and strategies to thrive.

Take action from insights

Data collected by delivery apps are gold, but the data can be tricky to understand and difficult to collect. This data is very helpful as it tells you a lot about your customers, such as, when and how they like to order, what they like to eat, and what entices them to place an order. This insight is super powerful when it comes to customizing your marketing efforts, customer retention, and selling more food.

Analyzing this data provides restaurateurs with the information they need to make smart decisions about their menus and operations. These initiatives can lead to more revenue and a more successful business overall. 

As you are reading this you are probably thinking:

“This all sounds like a pain, I just want to focus on cooking and serving delicious food”.

 That was Ryan Moleiro’s (owner and operator of Paradise Poké) first thought when we spoke to him. 

With that thought Ryan also knew that he needed some help. With the substantial growth in orders through platforms such as Doordash, Uber, and Skip The Dishes over the past few years, Ryan aimed to enhance his understanding of his restaurant’s digital business. He sought to improve online revenue and margins across all delivery platforms. 

While Paradise Poke had its popular dishes and customer service perfected, the majority of customers ordering food through third-party platforms nowadays made it difficult for them to stand out on saturated apps and maintain a reasonable profit. 

Specifically, Paradise Poke was spending too much on advertising and not yielding good returns from in-app promotions. The reason was that he had one promotion running every day, all day, on each platform. With numerous ads, discounts, and promotions available on different platforms, and not enough time to do research on choosing profitable promotions (as Paradise Poke is short-staffed), Ryan overwhelmed with options, used his best guess to choose a promo for his store and ran it for the entire day. This is similar to offering happy hour discounts all day, every day, which meant he was wasting marketing dollars by giving discounts to customers who would have ordered from his restaurant regardless. Over the course of several weeks, Ryan did not have enough time to monitor the performance of his underperforming promotion and thus it remained unchanged… 

Once Ryan heard about Soufflé, the restaurant-tailored solution for optimizing online storefronts, offering smart-promotions to increase revenue and boost margins, he was eager to get started.

Here is what Paradise Poké needed

  • Optimize digital menu and pricing to remain competitive and profitable. 
  • Offer smart promotions during certain hours to attract new customers and reward existing loyal customers. 
  • Increase average weekly revenue by at least 30% and maintain it.

We sat down with Ryan and his team to understand the exact pain points and outcomes they wanted to focus on. During our discussion we narrowed down three outcomes Paradise Poke wanted to see with their business in the next few months.

Here’s how Soufflé helped Paradise Poké reach their goals

The first step was to sync Ryan’s data to Soufflé by simply signing into his delivery accounts through our platform. It couldn’t get any easier than that! 

Or as Ryan put it…

“Syncing our delivery platforms to Soufflé was the easiest thing I did that day, it took me less than 15 minutes.”

The second step was to select from a list of strategies that Soufflé had recommended based on Ryan’s historical data. 

Once Paradise Poke was synced, Soufflé got to work, taking inputs from past demand, seasonality, competitor positioning, time of the day, and even weather. The data was then used to recommend the best strategies to achieve the outcomes desired by Paradise Poke.


“Soufflé provided valuable data insights and strategies to optimize our digital storefront and promotions.”

The last step was easy. The Paradise Poke team sat back and watched their desired outcomes come to life while Soufflé did all the work in the background. Pushing out customized promotions and  smart optimization strategies that Ryan chose for his restaurant from Souffle’s platform saving him countless hours from and removing the guesswork from choosing profitable promotions.



“With Soufflé, we have been able to increase our revenue by over 30% in just 4 weeks and sustain it!”

With Soufflé, Paradise Poké’s average weekly revenue over 4 weeks  UP 30%

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The Paradise Poké success story

Paradise Poké’s partnership with Soufflé highlights the importance of data-driven decision-making in the restaurant industry. By collecting and analyzing data from various sources, including delivery platforms, restaurant owners can gain valuable insights into their customers’ preferences and behavior, as well as their competitors’ positioning in the market. 

With the help of Soufflé, Paradise Poke was able to leverage these insights to optimize its digital storefront, offer targeted promotions during specific time periods, and increase its revenue by over 30% in just four weeks and boost their margins. It’s unmistakable that by embracing new technologies (dynamic pricing) to create pricing strategies, restaurant businesses like Paradise Poke can thrive in a crowded digital market and achieve long-term success.

If you’re a restaurant owner looking to turn up the heat and take your business to new heights,  it’s time to consider partnering with advanced AI-powered solutions like Soufflé. 

Bon appétit!